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 Lapplandia lift & the midnight sun A4 Poster
Artist: Gunnar Nordgren (1915-1989)
SEK 89
 Ystad leisure town A4 Poster
Artist: Hans Ripa (1912-2001)
SEK 89
Coaster Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse is to Disney's official mascot. He first appeared in 1928 in the classic animated...
SEK 150
4 pieces of coasters with different funny messages. The motives are randomly when you order.
SEK 140
Coasters Berså
A round tray of the pattern Berså.
SEK 250
Deluxe Harmonica Ridleys
Gather your friends and family and show off your talent with this fine harmonica from Ridley's.
SEK 125
Spark your fire with firestarter from Gentleman's Hardware in a neat and stylish way!...
SEK 275
Flashlight Gold
With this stylish gold colored flashlight, you'll never get lost.
SEK 199
Göta kanal A4 Poster
Artist: Eric Olsen (1911-1983)
SEK 89
Kitchen Towel Berså
Kitchen Towel in 50% linen and 50% cotton.
SEK 199
Lapplandia A4 Poster
Artist: Gunnar Nordgren (1915-1989)
SEK 89
Matches Berså
SEK 65
Muli Tool Hammer
Whyhave just one tool when you can have seven in the same tool? This multi-tool may look like a...
SEK 299
Multi tool
Useful multi-tool of high quality, Gentlemen's hardware.
SEK 375
Multi tool card
As big as a credit card and contains everything from the ruler to the bottle opener. Comes in a...
SEK 125