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Gin & Tonic Bodywash
Gin & Tonic bath-gel with fantastic, genuine scent!
SEK 179
Natives Manicure
A small manicure set in a soft retro-inspired package.
SEK 215
Retro Manikyr set blue
This manicure set contains five stylish brass colored tools in a canvasfodral with push button .
SEK 299
Retro Manikyr set grey
Contains 5 high quality brushed stainless steel tools.
SEK 299
Rumble59 - Schmiere - After-Shave 1959er
The After Shave 1959er could be used after dry as well as wet shaving. Just put some dashes on...
SEK 149
Soap Vintage Mimosa & Pomegranate
Fresh delicate scent of pure green floral mimosa, rose and lily of the valley and a fruity floral...
SEK 75
Vintage inspired wedding hairstyles
Create Vintage-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles: A Step-by-Step Guide to Styling Classic Hairstyles...
SEK 399